When Does Preperation Become Fear-Mongering?

October 29, 2009

I wonder, because I think we are moving past that point.

I listen to what is being said about H1N1 around Ottawa and the resulting craze maddens me.

It is the flu.

Have there been deaths resulting from it? Yes there have, but compare that to deaths from the flu every year and I think you will not see a huge difference.

Of course, when you have children etc. (which I do not), I can see why you would be cautious, but we aren’t talking about caution now, we are talking about driving the public into a state of panic.

Today I was forwarded an article about symptoms to watch for to know if your child has H1N1… three times in less than an hour.

The list is filled with things like shortness of breath and greying skin, excessive vomiting and the like.

Let’s play a game of pretend, shall we? Let’s say you had never heard of H1N1. Then let’s pretend you saw your child having ANY of those symptoms. Would you seek medical help?


So, why do we need to create this state of panic surrounding the city these days?

To sell flu shots?

To keep us productive in order to protect the economy?


If  so, it isn’t working because we have one person who works here who has decided that it is her job to give us round the clock updates and every possible sniffle in the office.