File under “sexy”

I’m confused.

I haven’t been on this blog in donkey’s years.  Figured I’d stop by to reacquaint myself with the place (and the purpose of the place as well).  So, how come our “Categories” box currently consists of permutations of either “slam poetry,” “sex,” or “erotica?”

Care to explain… Rusty?

Oh, I forgot “uncategorized.”  Seems pretty much everything should go there – apart from the poetry and the smut – and the smutty poetry…


P.S.  More to come, honest.  I really, really, really mean it this time.



2 Responses to File under “sexy”

  1. rpriske says:

    News to me… but I just went and checked on my other blog and I have stuff like that there as well.


    (well, not the Slam Poetry stuff. That part is all me.)

  2. rpriske says:

    One thing I DO know is that you putting in that post got us the most hits we have had in a while. 🙂

    Maybe we should put more random sex-related words in our posts…

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