The Wonderful World of Marvel

So, if you frequent any of the same sort of websites that I do (or, you know, read the paper),  you probably already know that yesterday there was a BIG announcement.

Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment for $4 BILLION in cash and shares.

This is huge.

I have been trying to process my feelings on it and I am still at a bit of a loss. I remember when Marvel was bought out by Perleman and he immediately tried to destroy it in order to finance some junk bonds or something ( The later purchase by ToyBiz was about toys, not comics. When the action figure market tanked, the comic biz became the primary purpose for the company again.

So now what? Does Marvel transform into Disney?

No way. Disney understands that buying and castrating does not turn into more money. Look at Pixar. Look at Miramax.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t interfere. Look at Miramax.

Some voices are saying that having all that money behind the corporate overlords will be more flexibility for Marvel. Yet when Hasbro bought Wizards of the Coast the opposite happened. They sold Legend of the Five Rings despite the fact that it was making money because it’s LEVEL of profit was below what Hasbro was interested in investing in. (Hey, it turned out good for L5R, and therefore me, but that is beside the point.)

So, I don’t know. We’ll see. For better or for worse, the Big Two are now Disney/ABC/Marvel and AOL/Time-Warner/DC.




It seems that Warner Bros. has ‘reacted’ to that news as well. The newly formed DC Entertainment has the comic compnay rolling up to Warner Pictures. Levitz is out as publisher and a WB executive replaces him.



One Response to The Wonderful World of Marvel

  1. I’m curious to see how this plays out. A Disney-fied Marvel franchise would be IMHO, a synergy of horror. But as you say, they’ve left Pixar to their own devices, with consistently awesome results. Time will tell.

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